Gregory Tanner

Greg brings personal attention and care to developing strategies for athletes careers, teams, and brands.  He works tirelessly to provide value to all of his clients at Professional Rugby Agency [PRA] and Pro Sport Agency.

As part of becoming the dominant position in the USA rugby game, Greg founded Professional Rugby Agency (PRA)  and Pro Sport Agency – and has become a Pro Rugby Agent one of the first in the United States.

As part of his study of rugby management at SMWW – he researched and wrote “The Business of Rugby”.

Greg has admirable working experience in the sports industry.  You will find excellent communication skills.   He has capability to work under pressure and has excellent negotiating skills.  You will find comfort with him representing  you with a smart professional appearance.

Greg is an experienced player and knows the player value essence which are critical skills when developing professional players.  He has tremendous knowledge of the sports and specifically rugby industries.