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Contract Negotiations

Seen as the main role of an agent, contract negotiations can be a minefield. GSF will strive to get the best deal for the client. We believe it is imperative you use someone with experience in this field. Every detail of the contracts will be scrutinised, from insurance cover to relocation expenses, and media work to car allowances, as well as bonuses. GSF, and its global network, has negotiated contracts with some of the biggest football and rugby clubs in the world.

Image Rights, Accountancy & Tax Advice

Professional sport is a short career, so it is vital that GSF clients maximise their earning potential. With the steady increase of money in both sports, Intellectual Property law is becoming more and more important and hence the need to protect players ‘added value’ vested in their personality and public profile. It makes financial sense to split Image Rights from Playing income in sports, thinking particularly of rugby and football, as image right exploitation is not deemed employment therefore saving tax and National insurance for both the Player and Club. Our Tax Adviser at GSF has a wealth of experience in this field, and has incorporated many companies for some of the UK’s leading sportspeople

Corporate Sponsorship and Marketing

GSF works closely with some of the world’s leading brands to develop endorsement programs for its clients, both on a local, pan-European and global scale. Companies work with our clients to promote their products and services, while we ensure that we only place our clients with the companies most relevant to their own profile and image. GSF clients will also be made available for personal appearances.

Lifestyle & Career Management

We at GSF firmly believe that a career, during and after sport is crucial. To this end, we have a wealth of experience of the education sector, with one of the directors having lectured for seven years in further education, also having worked for thirteen years for the national governing body for adult education in the UK.  The team at GSF includes a Career, education and lifestyle manager who enables us to look after our client’s best education and career interests. We have had success in the past in securing University places for players, and would be happy to help clients in the selection of any college or university course, or even just simply writing an academic CV for submission for employment.

Legal Services

GSF has ensured that you will have access to the best legal advice; its team includes the most highly experienced sports lawyers, sports resolution barristers and commercial lawyers, currently practicing in the UK, all of whom have their own specialisms, including acquisitions and disposals of companies and businesses, corporate finance, venture capital, joint ventures and management buy-outs, contract negotiations and sports disputes.

Property Portfolio Management

Many professional sportspeople invest their income in property, and we at GSF endorse that approach. We have professional and RICS qualified experts who have been managing property portfolios for many years and good management is what makes residential investment successful. Our practical approaches will deliver the results you require as you build your portfolio, so you’ll never have to worry about drawing up the tenancy agreements, collecting and registering the deposits, collecting the rent, chasing arrears and handling all tenant calls related to maintenance issues. We also use a trusted network of independent contractors to carry out maintenance works across the portfolio under our management.

Wealth Management

Planning for the future, for a time when a professional sports career is over, is the most important decision one can make. GSF clients’ playing careers are all too short. It could be even shorter if they have a serious accident. We ensure that they have professional advice about their insurance needs including personal accident, income protection and private medical. Our clients have access to professional advice from a highly experienced Independent Financial Adviser. We know that Financial Planning is a complex subject. Setting strategies, deciphering the jargon, knowing how different products work, how products interact with each other and the long-term implications such as taxation and potential changes in legislation, is a full time job and is exactly why there are full time advisers to deal with these issues. Services include:

  • Pensions – Planning your retirement and the level of income required
  • Investments – Making best use of your capital & surplus income
  • Protection – Ensuring you have appropriate cover for you and your family

Client Websites

Web production is a holistic approach – a combination of systems –  to make your website work well for you.  Jupiternetwork Web Production service combines website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing to help make the most of your internet presence.  We help prioritize organization, technology, and presentation with our clients to make engaging and compelling websites.

Media Training

As the major sports are growing each year, and more money is pumped in by the various media outlets for exclusive broadcasting rights, the intensity and media coverage that accompanies every word uttered by a footballer or rugby player, or is posted online, greatly affects the perception of professional sportspeople.  Controversy sells newspapers and social media posts on Twitter and Facebook can go viral, which can ruin the career of players or coaches and bring the team into disrepute. A positive image is crucial to your sports career, so GSF has an in-house media trainer who will give you all the support and training you need to get off to a good start.

Sports Psychology

GSF believes that to reach their best performance level, a professional sportsperson must turn over every stone in order to achieve their goal.  To this end, our team includes a leading sports psychologist from the University of South Wales, who is on hand to support you in your career, to make the small tweaks and changes which can be the difference between winning and losing.

Concierge Services

Sports people travel a lot – Let the our guys relieve the hassle from your life, personal, business and domestic chores.

Physiotherapy & Injury Rehabilitation

The GSF team includes a leading sports physiotherapist and an injury rehabilitation and soft tissue management consultant.

An Agency with Purpose

We represent the interests of sports people through a holistic approach to their careers, contracts, welfare, investments, legal work, media profile and post-career care. Importantly, our USP is to manage young athletes and to create lasting relationships with their families, as this always forms the basis of loyalty, trust and integrity and has been the foundation of the success of the directors to date in their careers.

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